Herp people, I need some help. Yesterday I took napoleon outside and he was in the grass and such. It was warm out. He also ate last night. At some point after he’d eaten, he decided to rearrange his tank, crawling around like crazy. This morning I came to check on him and I noticed this on his neck. Firstly I tried to wash it of with warm water, to no avail. It resembles dried glue, but doesn’t peel as easy. It doesn’t seem to cause him pain when touched or otherwise. It isn’t shed, because he shed a few weeks ago and I made sure it was clean. I can’t figure out what this is. I’m hoping its not something with his scales, but if it doesn’t clear up I’m going to be taking him to a vet. I jut want to know if anyone else had any insight.


Please and thank you!

Are the scales themselves damaged? Or does it seem like its something on the scales themselves?

It looks like both honestly. That’s why it seems so weird.

Hmm… I can’t say I’ve seen anything like this that always had a definitive answer. Ask theexoticvet as well and see what they think. But I do recommend a vet trip in case it is a burn, like mark said, or some other issue. ((possibly some sort of infection or bacterial issue))

Maybe it COULD be some kind of glue? that’s what it really looks like, try wiping nail polish remover on it, it wouldnt hurt to try.


Nail polish remover is a solvent and is toxic. You don’t want that anywhere near your snake. So yes, It would hurt to try.

one of the ball pythons in my science class has something like that on their neck. I think it might be from a burn, do you happen to have any hot surfaces around that he may have got burnt on?

He has a heating pad, but he would have had to be laying on his back. Idk. I’ve never seen a burn do that before.