This vegan mac and cheese… Is awesome.

It is so so good. I can’t wait to try the cheddar kind… This was so creamy and perfect.

I couldn’t resist dressing it up a bit with some sautéed spinach, oregano, and some pepper (because I love me some spinach.) The box calls for vegan butter, but if you don’t have vegan butter you can make it with canola or sunflower oil. It was absolutely worth every penny I spent. Which still wasn’t much.

If you’re looking for your ethical mac n cheese fix, this is the shit.



If these pictures look super awkward it is because they are. I blame the snakes. They lost it and started getting super squirmy once we stepped outside! Too many new smells I suspect.

I always knew Charlie reacts like this to the outdoors, but Snakey has always loved being outside! So strange. She got super nervous. I was struggling just to keep them calm and in view of the camera.

Snakey and Charlie, my two biggest blood pythons currently. :D